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40                                       VERDICT   OX INDIA
Parchifig d/ought and raging flood*
3Io/iths of dust and days of mud.
31 teed monotony and blood...
fc'o c noted niv yourg guide.   We had paused in the shelter of u
ravine to gam a few moments" respite from the wind.  It was like
the Hall of the Demon King in an old-fashioned pantomime.
"The drot and the mud, yes.. .but why the blood ?'
It seemed as good a place as any other to begin my  inquiries
into the causes of the Frontier's ceaseless unrest.    "Why all this
bloodshed ? Aren't the tribes ever going to stop fighting ? If they
aren't shooting at us they're shooting at each other, and usually
both. If we can't stop them* would any other Power have a better
ctance?    Could Gandhi do it ?"
He chuckled. "I *ee that there's 110 need to ask you if this is your
fiibt visit to these part-.   DYcu really want to knoTv why these
chaps are always scrapping ?    Well, there are two reasons.'
He paused, and lit a cigarette.
"The second reason/ he said, 'is economic. But che first is a
good deal more important. The first is Fun and Games."
Fun ard Games !  Oae knew what he meant, of course.  He was
referring to the turbulent love of fighting for its own sake, the
savage high spirits of a primitive people. None the less, the phrase
ccme as something of a shoek.
Fun and Games !
It Ills none of the pigeon-holes in which the experts file their
lev urite Theories Concerning the Origins of Wars, It has no
dignity, and obviously it would be impossible to compile any
statistics about it, tl~ose beloved statistics which sound so con-
vincing when they are published in White Papers to illustrate the
afort^id theories . . . the Economic Theory, the Population
Theory, the Racial Theory, and heaven knows what else.
Any man who ventured to follow up these respectable titles by
suggesting—*And the Fun and Games Theory'—would sound
like a little boy making rude remarks in class. Of course, if he
circled it up in long words, the experts might listen to him,
because then he would call it 'The Psychological Theory' and it
would have a long sub-section on the revolt of the ego imprisoned